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Special Note: To all those scheduling a visit, please do not schedule a same-day visit on the website. A same-day visit will only be accommodated for special circumstances at the discretion of the Administrator. Once your visit is scheduled, please wait for a staff member to call you to confirm your visit. Please also understand that to keep all parties safe, while giving visitors for all Residents a chance to come, we are not accommodating daily visit requests.


Update on Covid-19, and Sunray’s Response

Firstly, On December 3rd, 2021, the Los Angeles County Health Officer issued an Order that mandated increased testing for all residents, employees and contractors, regardless of vaccination status. In addition, the order states. “In addition, to obtain entry into a Skilled Nursing Facility, all visitors, regardless of vaccinations status, must provide proof of either:

  1. A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to entry, OR
  2. A negative Antigen test taken within 24 hours prior to entry. Antigen test kits will be made available to Skilled Nursing Facilities on an as needed basis.”

Due to increased testing of those in the facility and the visitors:

  1. We received results yesterday that two (2) Staff tested positive over the past 2 days.
  2. We found one family member to be positive when we tested them prior to entry. Because of that protocol, we avoided the possible spread of the virus.

No Residents have been found positive at this time. We are currently testing twice a week.

With this knowledge, the leadership at Sunray recommends the following.

  1. As difficult as it may be, please limit in-house visitation from now through January. We still allow window visits with the window closed, as well as scheduling virtual visits through several apps.
  2. If you do plan to come to the facility, we recommend taking the PCR test rather than the rapid test we provide at the facility. While the Antigen has been proven to detect Covid-19. the PCR Test is more reliable.

We do not take the threat of Omicron lightly and are continuing with aggressive infection prevention protocols. We realize it is an inconvenience at times, but a necessary one to ensure the safety of all. We also have received the mandate that everyone be boosted by February 1, 2021.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Please see further below on how to get tested in the Los Angeles area.

Obtain a Covid-19 test in the Los Angeles area.

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